VPN Access

Secure, anonymous website browsing

If you reside in a place with rigid web surfing rules but want to explore the World Wide Web as much as possible, we have the ideal solution for you. Using any of our website hosting packages, you will be able to get VPN access and explore the web freely. All you have to do is set up a new network using the detailes we offer and we’ll redirect your entire incoming and outgoing web site traffic out of one of our Virtual Private Network data centers.


A safe and secure web app firewall software

We offer an instant way of protecting every web app in your web hosting account, regardless of whether it is newly installed or has been transferred from another web hosting provider. All our website hosting plans offer ModSecurity – a web application firewall program, which is enabled by default. We’ve configured it to immediately hamper most hacker attacks. This implies that once you host your site with us, it will be safer than ever before.

Solid–State Drives

Quickly boost your site’s loading speed

In case you would like to give your site a top speed boost, all you have to do is simply to host it with us. Our website hosting servers are equipped with solid–state drives, so on every single hosting server you’ll enjoy unprecedented read/write speeds, which will make your web site hyper–fast.

With the superb connectivity offered by all our cloud web hosting Datacenter Facilities, your web site will start to open way quicker without the need for any further configurations on your end.

Web Stats

Systematic web statistics integrated into the hosting Control Panel

Thorough information about who drops in on your site and when can be found in the Statistics Manager section of the Control Panel. You can view where your current traffic originates from, exactly what search phrases visitors type to find your web sites, etc. You can use Webalizer, AWStats as well as our own custom–developed web analytics tool to find all the info related to your site exhibited in a convenient fashion.

Email Manager

An all–embracing e–mail administration software tool

The Email Manager located in the Control Panel has a time and effort saving interface with numerous email controls. You can redirect mail messages to a different mailbox account, create custom mail filters, change the anti–spam protection levels, generate custom autoresponder messages, anti–spoofing protect your domain, set up electronic mailing lists, and so on. How–to e–mail administration video tutorials are offered as well.

A Database Manager

An all–in–one database administration solution.

With the Database Manager built into the Control Panel, you’ll be able to effectively and quickly manage all databases. You can set up your new databases with just a few mouse clicks. We also offer elaborate MySQL usage statistics that will show you which databases of yours are used most

And we’ve created a software tool that enables you to back up any of your databases with a simple click, without having to log in to the phpMyAdmin user interface.

Domain Manager

Multi–domain management done properly

With the Unlimit Hosting Provider Control Panel, you’re no longer limited to host only one domain. You can control 1 or 100 domains in the very same simple and handy manner. We have also included some other valuable tools, that will permit you to park, forward and WHOIS–protect your domain names as well as to specify custom DNS records. Having each one of these domain administration options in one location will spare you a lot of time and energy.

Website Installer

Kickstart your web site with one mouse click

Setting up your site is duck soup with the swift, one–click Web Based Site Installer. Zero HTML coding is needed, zero website design skills are necessary. All you have to do is to pick the kind of web site you would like – personal or business, plus a web skin of your liking. Then click the Install button and your brand new site will be brought online right away. Find the Website Installer within the Unlimit Hosting Provider Control Panel.

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